Niko Hendrickx
3D Animation
Tears at the Table

While we listen to Chopin’s ‘Raindrop Prelude’ (opus 28 no. 15, a piece to suit the occasion) we see tears appear on both sides of a table – tears of joy or sadness? They create more and more tears: feelings being exchanged. Under the table the drops are swept together by two brooms. A pleasure shared, a sorrow shared…

A different interpretation is possible: the tears are mercilessly swept away. No joy or sorrow is shared. Man keeps his feelings to himself, or does not even want to feel anything at all. (2017)

How To Hate

In this 3D animation we hear tunes which the artist first recorded on his smartphone and then adapted by wwnflttr.

A radio plays a beat with the lyrics ‘I hate it’. Tuner, buttons and antenna move with the beat. The boxes spit out tiny particles: the hate is spreading, always precisely aimed.

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In three consecutive sequences we see how a chair, a banana and a room can be ‘hated’. The particles cover the objects with their own dark brown colour.

In the last sequence the particles do not hit the number 17 but the viewer: they cover his range of vision. The message: hate takes over one’s view, one can only see things in one colour. (2016)

Changing Moods of a Madonna and Her Environment

This 3D animation was inspired by Jean Fouquet’s painting Madonna Surrounded by Seraphs and Cherubs (Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, 1452). Fouquet very consciously used striking blue and red colours for the angels: blue represents purity and air, red symbolizes love and fire.

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The original was reconstructed by the artist in a 3D program using basic shapes: a religious artwork translated into a digital form.

And here, too, the colours have a symbolic meaning: they stand for moods. The difference is that with digital techniques colour changes can be effected, and consequently the meaning of the work as a whole or of its components can change. Colours can influence the viewer’s feelings, and/or they can have a specific meaning for any individual. It is up to the viewer to interpret the colours and the artwork.

It is best shown on a vertical screen - or by vertical projection.

From this animation nine paintings were created. (2016)

Rocky’s Solid Transformation
In this 3D animation a rock, ‘Rocky’, travels through a multitude of rocks. During the trip its shape changes gradually. The symbolic meaning is clear: round pebbles, perfectly polished after ages of grinding, represent man, who also goes through a process of never-ending change. The sound was edited by normanhoffman. (2016)
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You Wish You Were the Wind / Le Vent Nous Portera

The inspiration for this work was a Panorama documentary on Canvas, Meanwhile in Saudi Arabi. The programme showed us a peculiar and frightening picture of a country where human rights are constantly violated and where the burka is ubiquitous.

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The 3D animation shows a woman in a burka, standing still, straight, rigid against the wind. Only her burka moves and billows in the wind.

The first title, You wish you were the wind, was taken from the song A Time to Be Small by Interpol. The second title, Le vent nous portera, refers to the first stanza of a song by Noir Désir: ‘I am not afraid of the road, you should look, you must listen to the squirming of your inner being and everything will end well, the wind will carry us.’

The animation is purposely ‘soundless’, in order to create the necessary peace and serenity. It is best shown on a vertical screen - or by vertical projection - in a dark room. (2016)

Butts, Bats and Balls

In this 3D animation we hear tunes the artist first recorded on his smartphone and then adapted by wwnflttr. So far 17 tunes have been adapted, which will probably be used in a future project.

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The line You’ve got no shame at all is constantly repeated. The picture moves with the beat and shows parts of male bodies, each with a baseball bat in their arse. They try to hit a baseball. The subject is not baseball, of course, but rather the combination of virility and violence.

The animation is best shown on a vertical screen - or by vertical projection - in a dark room.

The artist has made a sculpture of this work. (2016)

Slow Frame Paintings
For this series the artist made two animated videos, 'Skull and Rocking Horse' and 'The Fruit Bowl'. By projecting the videos slowly the separate film frames become clearly visible. From these frames the artist then selected random elements and finally made five different paintings of each.
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Link to all 3D Animations and Videos
On Vimeo you have an overview of all the videoworks and 3D animation.
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Rasterization Project
The series Rasterized Paintings dates from 2001. The theme is the transition from a real to a digital world, in which everything is built starting from a mesh pattern, consisting of dots, lines and polygons. The works from 2001 were painted spontaneously and purely from the artist's own imagination. In the meantime he has learned to use Cinema4 and Zbrush, software he now utilizes to shape his fantasy.
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Virtuele tentoonstelling Duo Paintings
A virtual presentation of the series Duo Paintings. Each work exists in two versions: a painting and a video. (2011)
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Modern Cavemen
The theme is a topical phenomenon: man feels safe and sound indoors and is very reluctant to venture out into the danger zone outside. All activity is carried out indoors; from outside a threatening, mysterious red fog blows in.
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The Runner
A man runs into a flow of leaves coming from a tree in the distance. He wants to get to the tree, but he makes no progress. He gets exhausted, turns around and runs away from the tree. The leaves now hit his back. They push him forward until he stumbles and falls. The theme: man in his arrogance wants to compete with nature. (2010)
The Way of the Bullet
A bullet is fired and the viewer follows its path through … veins? He sees red, black and blue drops, he sees eyes and hears the bullet zip by. Drops fall in a puddle … of blood? The video criticizes the senseless violence that makes the news every day. The bullet flies off and continues its trajectory, but he image fades out before the bullet has reached its target: there is no end to violence. (2009)

Silent Procession of Crosses and Pills

A number of crosses and pills float through space like a procession, past the spectator. No sound is made and the procession disappears again. Is religion a drug? Are drugs a religion? (2009)
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