Niko Hendrickx
Form Change Projects

With his Form Change Project the artist wants to explore the possibilities of making works of art that, in one way or another, change forms.

Rocky’s Solid Transformation

In this 3D animation a rock, ‘Rocky’, travels through a multitude of rocks. During the trip its shape changes gradually. The symbolic meaning is clear: round pebbles, perfectly polished after ages of grinding, represent man, who also goes through a process of never-ending change

The sound was edited by normanhoffman. (2016)

Fluctuating Matters

Fluctuating Matters is a small polyester object that can be completely transformed by moving the parts into different positions using hinges. The work dates from 2009, but in 2013 the artist added a dimension: an LCD screen. On the screen the viewer sees how the object is manipulated and changes constantly. It lies in front of the screen and is surrounded by mirrors. Colours change on the screen and are reflected on the object, which changes colours too.

Local Solutions with Intergalactic Dimensions

An extraterrestrial creature sits on a pedestal ; a photograph shows him naked, untouched. Visitors are invited to stick bandaids on him in random spots, even on top of one another, making the plasters look like a skin disease. The bandaids constantly change the appearance of the sculpture, which is regularly photographed. The pictures are then put up next to the original photo.

This 'bandaiding' symbolizes the way in which people tackle problems. The visitor operates locally (i.e. in the exhibition hall), trying to solve a problem that is clearly beyond him. Is this type of solution typically human or is it extraterrestrial? The artist suggests that this approach must necessarily lead to superficial solutions.

Multi-Shape Dog

Multi-Shaped Dog exists both as a spatial work and as a video. The former, a metal wire structure representing a dog, stands under a bell jar. Magnetic ball-bearings cover the wires, and visitors are invited to move the balls around, thus creating a different dog every time.

The video shows three identical, naked dogs standing next to each other. As they turn around, magnetic ball-bearings slowly fall on them, eventually covering the wires and creating three different dogs.

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