Niko Hendrickx
The paintings Changing Moods of a Madonna and Her Environment are linked to a 3D animation with the same title.
Slow Frame Paintings
For this series the artist made two animated videos, 'Skull and Rocking Horse' and 'The Fruit Bowl'. By projecting the videos slowly the separate film frames become clearly visible. From these frames the artist then selected random elements and finally made five different paintings of each. (2014)
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'Just the Canvas and Me' Paintings
This is a series of paintings made without using computer software, photos or any other tool. They are painted in the simplest and most traditional manner possible, sometimes intuitively, sometimes rationally. (2012-2013)
Modern Cavemen
The theme is a topical phenomenon: man feels safe and sound indoors and is very reluctant to venture out into the danger zone outside. All activity is carried out indoors; from outside a threatening, mysterious red fog blows in. (2009-2010)
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Still Action Paintings
Each painting shows a still taken from an action scene on television. The picture shown is a 'fixed movement' image. The title is a double entendre. 'Still' can be understood as 'continuing', so the action continues. The word is a noun too, meaning 'motionless picture': the painting shows a frozen action shot. (2008)
Variable Paintings
The purpose of this series is to make paintings that can be altered at any given time, so that new works of art come into being. In this way one work potentially contains several paintings, each revealing a different reality but always maintaining the original theme. (2007)
Subtitled Paintings
Stills with subtitles are taken from TV. After careful consideration the artist combines two or three of the subtitles, thus creating a new painting. (2007)
Paintings with Videoprojection
A video is projected on a canvas, thus combining two media in one work of art. The video brings the canvas to life, the painting loses its static character and the colours intensify. (2005-2007)
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Paintings with Video Stills
An interesting movement or action is taken from TV or filmed by the artist. Using photoshop he combines the subsequent stills with traditional pictures into one new composition. The result is then painted on canvas. (2006)
Duo Paintings
Each work exists in two versions: a painting and a video. Both show the same content – the painting summarizes and is static , while the video is dynamic. ((2004-2005))
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Layered Paintings
One of the characteristics of modern society is the enormous amount of information that is constantly circulating in it. In these works the artist wants to store a great deal of information on one canvas by painting in layers. Layer by layer a photograph is made and edited digitally. The artist then superimposes a painted image on the photo, compositionally and transparently, until the requiredresult is achieved. (2002-2004)
Rasterized Paintings

Everything that is created in a 3D environment consists of polygons, usually squares. Thus a screen or mesh pattern is formed, suggesting a virtual world. In this series, started in 2001, the artist explores the idea that our world is moving further and further towards virtual reality.

In 2011 he picked up the same theme again in Rasterization Project, now putting these (and other) paintings in a virtual exhibition room, shown as a video. The Saturn theme, too, has now been transformed into a video. (2001)

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