Virtual Art Chunks Define a Volume

Duration: 4’16”


In this 3-D animation I used a 3-D model of ‘The Bronze Age’ sculpture by Auguste Rodin.

In different versions of the animation the sculpture is divided in 2,  4, 12, 48, 240, 1440, and 10080 ‘art chunks’. The sculpture slowly breaks into pieces, the chunks fall into a marked-out area on the ground. The interesting aspect for me was to create a visual presentation of a transformation that takes place when reducing a sculpture to its rest fractions. When the sculpture is broken in two, the volume of the rest fraction remains big; when broken in a thousand pieces, the volume gets smaller.

The broken sculpture can be restored, because the process is virtual: it is a computer simulation. In the clip the sculpture is restored to its original volume in the marked-out area.

In 2022 I repeated the same idea, but now in reality. I enclose the link for viewing.

The two versions are one work of art and are exhibited as such.












Art Chunks Define a Volume 240 movie


Duration: 2’00”