Driving backwards in an ever-changing landscape

Duration: 3′



A car drives backwards on an asphalted road through a strangely green landscape. Each second the landscape changes.

It could be a drive on a strange, undiscovered planet, where time runs in the opposite direction from ours. But then it could be our planet, too. In an accelerated photo montage the surface or the earth might look like this as time passes, the colour green symbolizing innovation, energy and life.

It is dusk, nature overtakes us. It is not quite dark yet, but dark enough to light the headlights, so we can see where we are going. Nature is frighteningly changeable, like the waving dress of a ghost. At first we start back but then we carry through, in order to understand, control and dominate nature.

Maybe it is a good idea to drive backward now and then, to a moment in time when we did not consider nature as extraterrestrial, so as to be able to make a new start.