Longing for the Summer Lane

Exhibition concept: two flat screens on a wall with two different camera angles of the installation.

Duration: 1’30”



Longing for the Summer Lane is a variation on the 3D animation The Expanding Tree, in which the same technique of elastic and inflatable volumes is used.

In this work, there are trees on both sides of a lane in a wintry landscape. The trees, the tops of which change volume, seem to breathe. They look green and fresh, as at the beginning of summer. A man, the artist himself, walks through the artwork.

The installation works and looks best in winter, when it is cold and the landscape is barren and dry – a nice contrast with the artwork. It makes one long for summer. The trees can be inflated with hot air, so the balls keep their bright green colour and do not freeze.

With the necessary technical support, the installation can be executed ‘real life’.