Duration: 1’15” (with sound)



Sfincterman is a present-day superhero.

Caused by a flood of superficial and one-sidedly consumed information, mutations of several sfincters have grown all over his body. These mutations have eaten away large parts of body tissue and have turned his body into an unimaginable emptiness.

With his sfincters, Sfincterman has the supernatural power to bury everything that bothers him in a suffocating stream of vulgarisation, un-empathic babble, blind criticisms and alternative facts.

Standing on a vermillion vat filled with his own gunk, he goes full steam ahead and gets applause. His slush is highly contageous, and, without a moment’s thought, doubt or critique, Sfincterman’s powers take over the bystander’s body: a Sfincterman clone is born and spreads among humanity.


This artwork is part of the ‘Reconstructive acts’ project. The hardened pieces of rubbish scattered around the sculpture can randomly be hung up in the ‘sfincter rings’.