The Divided Bronze Age

Duration 4’16”


In this 3-D animation I used a 3-D model of ‘The Bronze Age’ sculpture by Auguste Rodin.

In my title ‘The Divived Bronze Age’ the term ‘divided’ is to be taken literally: in different versions of the animation the sculpture is divided in pieces following the mathematical formula 2-4-12-48-240-1440-10080. The sculpture fractures, the pieces fall in a marked-out area on the floor. The animation is slowly projected both forward and backward to stress the change of the sculpture.

The interesting aspect for me was to create a visual presentation of a transformation that takes place when reducing a sculpture to its rest fractions. When the sculpture is broken in two, the volume of the rest fraction remains big; when broken in a thousand pieces, the volume gets smaller.



In the Transformation theme the artist wants to study different ways of creating works of art that, in the broadest sense, change their form, colour or medium.













The Divided Bronze Age 240


Duration 2’00”