The Divided Bronze Age

Duration: 4’16”


In this 3-D animation I used a 3-D model of ‘The Bronze Age’ sculpture by Auguste Rodin.

In my title ‘The Divived Bronze Age’ the term ‘divided’ is to be taken literally: in different versions of the animation the sculpture is divided in pieces following the mathematical formula 2-4-12-48-240-1440-10080. The sculpture fractures, the pieces fall in a marked-out area on the floor. The animation is slowly projected both forward and backward to stress the change of the sculpture.

The interesting aspect for me was to create a visual presentation of a transformation that takes place when reducing a sculpture to its rest fractions. When the sculpture is broken in two, the volume of the rest fraction remains big; when broken in a thousand pieces, the volume gets smaller.















The Divided Bronze Age 240


Duration: 2’00”