Thinking about Reshaping the Canvas and the Way Paint Flows

200x90x173cm polyester/aluminium/multiplex



Although this is a three-dimensional work, it also belongs in the category ‘paintings’ as it shows the search both for the form of the painting and for the way paint is applied.

The exploration of the aspect ‘change’ in art involves a great deal of research and experiment. It is a time-consuming process, one of trial and error. The artist wants his labour to be efficient and his research goes in two directions. First there is the search for the form of the painting: the viewer sees a canvas hanging from a hook and a canvas shaped as steps. Then there is the research on the way the paint flows. To suggest the paint flow the artist chose little containers to catch the paint, thus creating a tension between the white canvas and the illusion of flowing paint.

From this research the idea arose to freeze paint, a process combining the solid matter of coloured ice and the liquid form of diluted paint. The change from ‘solid’ to ‘liquid’ is an interesting starting point and an invitation for further exploration, with the flow of the paint as an essential factor.