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The concept ‘transformation’ is essential in Niko Hendrickx’s work: it is both subject and method. And if transformation is the basis, the outcome can only be an eclectic oeuvre.

Niko Hendrickx (1974) is a visual artist who lives and works in Lommel, Belgium.





1993–1998: P.H.I.K.O. Hasselt: Printmaking, St. Lucas Gent: Sculpture / 2013-2016 Horito Turnhout: Educator social sector

Paid work:
1999-2013: Worker industry (weekend work) / 2016-2020: Educator social sector (weekend work) / 2020-present: Worker industry (weekend work)





‘Going where I haven’t been before’

I see my own creative brain as a universe in which every star and every planet represents an idea. No matter how much these celestial bodies seem identical, they are always different in content and form. There is this urge in me to explore all these ideas, an urge that takes me from one planet to the next. As soon as one idea has been looked at and is worked out, I turn my eye towards a neighbouring planet or the challenge of another star.

My universe lies in the area of tension between feelings, impulsiveness and reasoning. I often use metaphors and analogies to first build a reasoning and consequently a work of art. The main subject in my oeuvre is transformation and change. Often with an extra reflective layer about people and society.

The space flight in my own head has resulted in an uninterrupted chain of series and solitary works. I constantly explore new methods and techniques to find the best form for my ideas.

Aiming my telescope at new worlds and then visit them is a never-ending challenge. I am constantly on the look-out for unknown impulses and new elements that will enable me to found and fortify my own universe.






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Solo Exhibitions:

Pop-Up Exhibition “Pro-Life”, CC. De Adelberg Lommel
“Strange Fruit”, Art Borgloon Gasthuiskapel

TAKT#8 festival Neerpelt with Modern Cavemen

CC. De kollebloem Puurs

“Ode to saturn”, CC. De Adelberg Lommel

“Houten spiralen en metalen”, CC. Leopoldsburg


Group Exhibitions:

“Oog in Oog”, Jakob Smitsmuseum Mol Sluis, Curatoren: Ivo Verheyen en Veerle Stevens, 09/11/19 – 12/01/20

“TarmaX”, Tarmac Meerhout, 23/09/17 – 08/10/17
“We Traveled Across Seven Mountains”, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen , Curator: Jan Van Woensel, 28/06/17 – 02/07/17

“KUNST-licht / LICHT-kunst”, Hofke van Chantraine Oud-Turnhout, 19/12/15 – 31/01/16

“Actueel Kunsten Festival”, curator Jos Herck, Kunstnetwerk Haspengauw, 31/10 – 29/11
“FAVORIETEN”, CC.’t Getouw Mol, 28/03 – 19/04

“CTRL+ART+DELETE”, Exhibition with Diva Benini (Jan De Schutter en Erik Van den Bulck), TARMAC Meerhout.

“Exhibition with Raymond Minnen”, Apostelhuis Alden Biesen, Bilzen. CC De Kimpel

“E.V.A. Experimental video art”, Bashimi Art House, Austria
“Videoscreening” Coimbra Portugal
“Between cage and humanity”, curator Jos Herck, St. Truiden

“Obscene” De Singel Antwerp, by Sabbattini
“Bloesemimpressies” Stroopfabriek, curator Rene Vanbrabant, Borgloon

“Bastart” Exhibition Kerk van Laak, Houthalen-Helchteren

Villa Basta “Bastart Exhibitions” in Natuurpunt Limburg, CC. ’t Getouw Mol, CC. De kollebloem Puurs
“Deus ex” Ithaka 15 Leuven

“Bastart” Exhibition Villa basta Houthalen-Helchteren
“Power plays”, Platform Limburg beeldende kunst, curator Yves Stevensheydens, Z33 Hasselt
“Zien”, cultuurcentrum De Breughel Bree
Kunstenfestival “Groen is niet rood”, Villa Basta Houthalen-Helchteren

“Smakelijk”, cultuurcentrum De Breughel Bree
“Houses of communication”, curator Jos Herck, Borgloon
“Prix Médiatine” selectie, Brussel

Insitu kunst Internationale Triënale, curator Jos Herck, Borgloon

Insitu kunst Internationale Triënale, curator Jos Herck, Borgloon






Vonk studios, location: Regina Mundi Genk



Art in Public Places:

Inauguration Sculpture ‘Saturnus’ Kristalpark Lommel.