1960 Vintage Cyborg shopping cart model


Duration: 1’26”



I am proud to announce that, after a long search, I have been able to find an extremely rare ‘cyborg’, a type of shopping cart from the 1960s. A friend gave me a tip that brought me in contact with an old hippie. In his barn, stuffed with dusty cardboard boxes and old record players, there it was, under a canvas: a broken but complete cyborg. What was even more miraculous: the man had super-8 footage of a cyborg store where this model was for sale. Together the cyborg and the clip are unique historical remnants and relics of a forgotten era that I am happy to share with you.

This story is fictional, of course, but it shows how easy it is to cast doubt upon historical facts. The object exists, and the clip looks real, too. Apart from that it is pure science fiction, which happens to be a field the artist is interested in. And it is a fact: the physical fusion of man and machine has been going on for a while. Pacemakers and other implants are evidence of that.

This artwork is a reworking of the sculpture ‘Shopping for Faces’ from the series ‘Metal sculptures 1999-2001’.