Basketball on an Aluminum Beam

Duration: 50″


‘Basketball on an Aluminum Beam’ is the visualisation of a basic concept. A basketball is mounted on an aluminium base and connected to a pneumatic system. The ball is alternately blown up and let down at a very slow speed, so that the object seems to have a solid form.






Basketball Sculpture

Duration: 3’00”


‘Basketball Sculpture’ is a further elaboration of the basic concept ‘Basketball on an Aluminum Beam’ also a 3D-animation of an idea. In both works the artist might decide to make it an installation at a later date.

A number of basketballs and rings are mounted on a metal base. The balls are moved pneumatically and independently. They are permanently blown up or let down, resulting in a change of the overall structure of the sculpture. Expansion and shrinking are so slow that the sculpture seems solid and yet it slowly changes its appearance.