Bending Monument

Bending Monument The Church
Duration: 4’30”


The monument in the first clip is a weather-beaten bronze statue of a ‘person of authority’ on a blue-stone pedestal. In this version it is located in front of a church, which symbolizes all religions. Depending on the location, the materials the statue is made of can vary.

What are monuments for? As a rule,they are erected to honour people, an ideology or a memorable event. This monument honours ‘authority’.

Something strange happens in this clip. The bronze statue bends over. In many cultures, people bow to people of a higher social status, or the bow is a greeting, a way to show respect. At first sight this man bows for us: the statue shows respect for the viewer, so we can respect him. But the bow is suspiciously deep and too repetitive; it is an egotistical movement. This monument of power is disrespectful and egotistical. Power can bring out the worst in man – and that is what is happening here.

‘Bending Monument’ is an indictment against abuse of power in all its forms and aspects. It would be appropriately located in all places that have a link with abuse of power.

The statue shown here is a 3D-scan of a model that was created for the Pick and Change Project.





Bending Monument The Gaz Station
Duration: 3’00”






Bending Monument The Excavator
Duration: 3’00”