Changing Moods of a Madonna and Her Environment

Duration 30’00”


This 3D animation was inspired by Jean Fouquet’s painting Madonna Surrounded by Seraphs and Cherubs (Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, 1452). The original painting was reconstructed by the artist in a 3D program using basic shapes: a religious artwork translated into a digital form.
Fouquet very consciously used striking blue and red colours for the angels: blue represents purity and air, red symbolizes love and fire.

And here, too, the colours have a symbolic meaning: they stand for moods. The difference is that with digital techniques colour changes can be effected, and consequently the meaning of the work as a whole or of its components can change. Colours can influence the viewer’s feelings, and/or they can have a specific meaning for any individual. It is up to the viewer to interpret the colours and the artwork.

It is best shown on a vertical screen – or by vertical projection.

From this animation nine paintings were created.