Changing Moods of a Madonna and Her Environment

Duration: 30’00”


This 3D animation was inspired by Jean Fouquet’s painting Madonna Surrounded by Seraphs and Cherubs (Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, 1452). The original painting was reconstructed by the artist in a 3D program using basic shapes: a religious artwork translated into a digital form.
Fouquet very consciously used striking blue and red colours for the angels: blue represents purity and air, red symbolizes love and fire.

And here, too, the colours have a symbolic meaning: they stand for moods. The difference is that with digital techniques colour changes can be effected, and consequently the meaning of the work as a whole or of its components can change. Colours can influence the viewer’s feelings, and/or they can have a specific meaning for any individual. It is up to the viewer to interpret the colours and the artwork.

It is best shown on a vertical screen – or by vertical projection.




From this animation nine paintings were created.