Construction with Blue

Duration: 49″


This large installation, 500 x 210 x 210 cm, symbolizes human life from birth until death. It starts from a wild, blue surface and moves on to a maze of stairs leading to a sort of stage. With ups and downs we slide towards the coffin, which ends in a blue surface. Two more blue parts, originally roof parts, refer to the cycle of life.

Life and death seem to hang in a construction of white and yellow here: a rational demarcation. The artist borrowed this idea from socio-constructivism, a psychological learning theory that says that phenomena are really social constructions. Hendrickx was intrigued by this theory and asked himself if the concepts life and death are also man-made constructions. Is one’s life a self-made construction or is one born into a construction made by someone else? A construction is never just one element, it always consists of two or more elements. Therefore life cannot exist without death. (2015)


Above: 360° video installation Construction with Blue, solo exhibition Pro-Life, Cultural Center De Adelberg Lommel Belgium