Dance Pole Curtains



In the 3D animation of the concept ‘Dance Pole Curtains’ five dance poles are put up in a circle – poles like the ones used by dancers for a sensual and/or acrobatic show. To every pole a conspicuous garment has been attached: a short skirt, a priest’s robe and mitre, a burka, a Ku Klux Klan dress with pointy hat, a primitive looking outfit. The garments below hang from a rail, like curtains, and they open and close automatically. Every pole has a RGB TL lamp.

Colours often have specific meanings in different religious and cultural contexts. Communities have their own codes and regulations. Do they allow outsiders easy access? Are dissidents welcome? Does everyone prefer to dance in their own little circle, or are they willing to dance with the dissident?

In this installation we see an interaction taking place among the dance poles. They open and close, each time in a different colour of the RGB spectrum. As colours can have very different meanings, depending on the culture involved, they are randomly selected by the computer system. Which poles open and close, and the moment it happens are also randomly defined.

Dependent on their own religious and cultural contexts and backgrounds, viewers will give meaning to what they see.