Elements and Potentials

Compositions with ‘elements’ and ‘potentials’
Duration: 0’18”




Late 2022 I started making paintings that were no longer put on canvas stretchers. Each artwork has a beginning, obviously. That beginning can be something merely painted, a single brush stroke or drip, but it can be an interesting form or colour of the canvas, too, or even an older work from the artist’s oeuvre.

From the moment the painting is sufficiently interesting, it changes into a potential piece, a ‘potential’. These potential pieces are then shown, in their variable forms and compositions, on the white walls of a studio, an art gallery or any spatial construction. These ‘potentials’ are expressive as they are, but not good enough to be independent works of art.

By playing with these ‘potentials’, by bringing together variables, by adding colour or figuration, by cutting up or sowing together certain parts, a constantly changing installation is created, with varying ‘potentials’.

At a certain moment during the process ‘potentials’ will develop to the point where they become strong enough to be independent works of art – they become ‘elements’. These ‘elements’ are then numbered and signed.

But that is not the end of the ‘element’s’ story. As long as the ‘element’ remains the artist’s, it is part and parcel of the changeable installation. It stays within the compositions of ‘potentials’, and changes can still be added to the ‘element’. The ‘element’ actually gets its final and static form only when it is sold and therefore no longer the artist’s.

The continually changing process described above is shown on this page, and it is regularly updated. It consists of photos of compositions with ‘elements’ and ‘potentials’, and of photos of the process per ‘element’. Both front and back of the ‘element’ are shown.





Process per ‘element’
Duration: 2’24”




Started in 2022

Latest video update: 23/03/2023

Next update 2024