Fluctuating Matters

Duration: 1’25”


With his Form Change Project the artist wants to explore the possibilities of making works of art that, in one way or another, change forms.

Changeble Abstract  is a small polyester object that can be completely transformed by moving the parts into different positions using hinges. The work dates from 2009, but in 2013 the artist added a dimension: an LCD screen and changed the artwork to Fluctuating Matters. On the screen the viewer sees how the object is manipulated and changes constantly. It lies in front of the screen and is surrounded by mirrors. Colours change on the screen and are reflected on the object, which changes colours too. The artwork is presented in a dark room.





Fluctuating Matters: materials: metal, mirrors, DVD player, flatscreen, dimensions: polyester50x50x40cm




Changeable sculpture with hinges on a mirror in front of a colorfull flatscreen.








Basic recording.







Basic recording with chroma keying and color change.