Modern Cavemen

Duration: 1’43”


The theme is a topical phenomenon: man feels safe and sound indoors and is very reluctant to venture out into the danger zone outside. All activity is carried out indoors; from outside a threatening, mysterious red fog blows in.

In the series ‘Modern Cavemen’ three rooms are created, using Cinema4D. In each room three camera vantage points have been selected for paintings. The common element in the different works is a video: ‘scary smileys’ fly through space. (2009-2010)

The sound is normanhoffman‘s.









Project exhibition C-TAKT Neerpelt (2012)
For this exhibition a fourth, ‘real’ scene was built, copying exactly the same atmosphere as the 3D works.
This fourth scene is the exhibition room itself, in which the visitor is an extra: he is inside it, and from outside the same threatening fog as seen in the paintings and the video blows in. The video was played with sound, and red light and smoke created the threatening atmosphere. By the entrance visitors found ‘scary smileys’.
In the room three cameras filmed the action, the images of which could be seen on flat screen TVs outside the room.