Shaping the Passage

Duration: 7’35” (original in 4K format)



Shaping the Passage was made with a 3D animation program. It shows two-dimensional dots moving to and fro on the screen. The artist explores the different ways in which the dots can float and in which ways the passage can be manipulated and changed.

By putting in obstacles and/or by adding dynamic elements like wind, attraction and repulsion, friction etcetera, the grouping of the dots is transformed.

Obviously the dots could represent something. When designing the passages, the artist was clearly thinking of a ‘human flow’, but liquids, games, industrial and information flows, movement patterns can just as well be taken into consideration.

The video clip above is an exhibition proposal with video projection on walls. The visitors walk in both directions through the exhibition space and make a similar movement as the dots in video projections.





Virtual exhibition concept with individual projections

Duration: 3’16”





Available as NFT on OpenSea.