Goodbye Nature

Duration: 8′


In this simple 3D animation, entitled ‘Goodbye Nature’, a leaf is blowing in the wind. The title is very direct, but contradictory at the same time. This last little leaf, hanging there by a thread from a wooden pole. We look at it, the picture has a relaxing effect, we do little or nothing, until the leaf falls down: goodbye to the last bit of nature. The contradiction lies in the fact that nature can, of course, never disappear. The world may explode, people may fall off the face of the earth, the universe remains.

The leaf hangs from a straight pole that looks like a flagpole. Flags often stand for identity and mark a territory. Is this a statement from nature that says: ‘No further?’

The straight pole can also symbolize our relationship with nature. All too often we try to ‘straighten out’ and control nature, which is rugged and crooked. Think of carrots: only the straight ones make it to the supermarket.

The initial idea to really make a flagpole as shown in the video. Possibly a future project…



Available as NFT on OpenSea.