Holbein’s Skull

Duration 3’20”


‘Holbein’s Skull’ is a 3D animation of a detail of the painting ‘The Ambassadors’ by Hans Holbein the Younger from 1533.

In the foreground of the painting Holbein included an object that is hard to identify: a so-called ‘anamorphosis’ of a skull. An anamorphosis is an optical distortion by which the object, in this case a skull, can only be identified from one specific angle.

In this 3D animation the skull seems to come to life. It floats around on the floor like a jellyfish and constantly changes its form.

The skull in this animation is a 3D scan of the mould used the Pick and Change Project.




Jelly Umbrella: a jellyfish-like umbrella,  or an umbrella-like jellyfish.

Umbrella Sculpture: an installation consisiting of several automated umbrellas.





In the Transformation theme the artist wants to study different ways of creating works of art that, in the broadest sense, change their form, colour or medium.