Holbein’s Skull

Duration: 3’20”


‘Holbein’s Skull’ is a 3D animation of a detail of the painting ‘The Ambassadors’ by Hans Holbein the Younger from 1533.

In the foreground of the painting Holbein included an object that is hard to identify: a so-called ‘anamorphosis’ of a skull. An anamorphosis is an optical distortion by which the object, in this case a skull, can only be identified from one specific angle.

In this 3D animation the skull seems to come to life. It floats around on the floor like a jellyfish and constantly changes its form.

The skull in this animation is a 3D scan of the mould used the Pick and Change Project.




Jelly Umbrella: a jellyfish-like umbrella,  or an umbrella-like jellyfish.

Umbrella Sculpture: an installation consisiting of several automated umbrellas.