Duration: 10′


An umbrella is a good example of a changing shape. It changes mechanically from a closed and folded form to an open and convex one.

It is both strange and interesting to see how creativity finds its way. It took the artist a long time to find a relevant visualisation of the movements of one umbrella.

Trial and error eventually led him to the mix of a jellyfish and an umbrella: the movements of the jellyfish compare very well to opening and closing movements of an umbrella. The result is a jellyfish-like umbrella – or an umbrella-like jellyfish – sliding into the deep, dark water, creating peace and quiet on the screen. A future mix of nature with plastics?



Available as NFT on OpenSea.




Umbrella Sculpture: an installation consisiting of several automated umbrellas.                                  

Holbein’s Skull: an animated clip using ‘jellyfish-like’ change of form.