Real Art Chunks Define a Volume

Duration: 10’29”



In 2019 I made the 3-D animation entitled ‘Virtual Art Chunks Define a Volume’. A 3-D model of the sculpture  ‘The Bronze Age’ by Auguste Rodin (1877) was virtually broken into pieces. The plan to repeat the same idea in reality kept haunting me.

For the current video I made a mold of the 3D model in a 3D program. I then printed the mold and filled it with red ochre resin. Once hardened and taken from the mould, I started hammering away. The enclosed space in this work is a glass cylinder.

The idea behind this work is the same as behind the one of 2019: the pleasure to see how a volume changes by breaking it, until eventually only dust remains.

A bonus is that both works can be shown simultaneously at an exhibition, thus enabling them to get into a dialogue.