Smoked Magritte

A Plate of Smoked Magritte



With this dish you are served a nice plate of home smoked Magritte, decorated with dots of velvety wasabi mayo. We selected an excellent Chardonnay to go with it, fruity and with a slight touch of oak: the perfect combination. To fully complete the course, we add a picture of the original Magritte pipe, which we proudly dish up through our sublime smoking process. An unequalled taste sensation awaits you!

The Smoked Magritte delicacy is the result of a home made smoking method, to be watched in the clip below.




Duration: 2’10”



My ‘Smoked Magritte’ consists of a photo and a 3D animation, in which the viewer will immediately recognize René Magritte’s famous painting. Just like the painting, this work, too, is a play on words, and it has the same surrealist streak.

The title ‘Gerookte Magritte’ is a pun: ‘Magritte’ sounds like the Dutch word for brill, a popular seafish. It raises the question if ‘Magritte’ is an existing fish or not.

The clip shows the pipe covering itself in smoke. Fish is traditionally dried through this process, and gets its specific taste; the pipe is transformed in the same way: its polished texture becomes rough and ‘smoked out’. The pipe is presented on a plate, sliced like carpaccio. Its inside has a fishlike texture.