Video to Painting Series


Video to Painting Series that Niko Hendrickx made during  2004-2005 are shown in a virtual exhibition space below. A visitor walks through the room and looks at each of the paintings.








Each work exists in two versions: a painting and a video. Both show the same content – the painting summarizes and is static in its form, while the video is dynamic.


In order of appearance below:

Kids Don’t Wear Camouflage

A ball rolls into the street, a car drives by, a child’s shoe appears.


Drinking a Cup of Coffee in 180°

 Someone sitting at a table and having a cup of coffee sings and endlessly repeats ‘Drinking a cup of coffee in 180° on a very, very, very lonely Christmas Eve.’ A toy Santa walks around on the table.


Sex Everywhere Sex

Upon careful study of the painting one sees a street and a city view, painted in layers that are full of erotic images, references and objects. The sound track of the video clarifies the double meaning of the title: it is conceived as a karaoke clip, but one moment the speaker’s tone expresses irritation, the next moment it sounds excited.

The theme: sex has lost its intimacy and is now generally accepted in the public arena.


On the Origin of Butterflies

This work tries to have the spectator reflect on suicide. Who can adapt and who cannot adapt. The complete title of this work is: On the Origin of Butterflies By Means of Personal Selection or the Preservation of Phantoms in the Struggle for Death, obviously a reference to Charles Darwin’s book published in 1859: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.

The video shows a railway crossing. The bell rings, the barriers close, we hear the sound of an oncoming train. A ghost glides over the path and hits the train in the crossing. When they collide the ghost releases butterflies, which fly away. The train and the ghost then disappear.

The theme is suicide: who can adapt and who cannot?


Fantasy Gives Us More Freedom To Do What We Want

This video shows a race between a fancy car from a computer game and a simple, home-made cardboard toy. The child at the computer tries to keep the digital car on track. Which car will finish first? The theme: the difference between the typical, artificial fantasy of videogames and TV, and man’s own fantasy.


Four-Minute Goldfish

The painting shows different positions of the same fish; the video shows the fish swimming in its bowl. After two minutes, accidentally and without using any tricks, something quite inexplicable happens.







Kids Don’t Wear Camouflage / oil on canvas 80x60cm 2004






Duration 6″




Drinking a Cup of Coffee in 180° / oil on canvas 80x60cm 2004





Duration 1’37”

Sex Everywhere Sex / oil on canvas 150x130cm 2004






Duration 7″

On the Origin of Butterflies / oil on canvas 150x110cm 2005






Duration 48″

Fantasy Gives Us More Freedom To Do What We Want / oil on canvas 80x60cm 2004





Duration 38″

Four-Minute Goldfish / oil on canvas 80x60cm 2004






Duration 4’09”