Works of Art with Shutters

An overview of projects and ideas that use shutters.


Closed or Open House (2019)

Duration: 54″


In this 3D animation a house alternatively opens and closes itself to its surroundings. First it is completely in the dark and the shutters are cloded. Onde can look inside through the slits.

Then the shutters covering the windows and doors open up: the house literally opens itself for the neighbourhood. A visitor can knock on the door and be let in – or not.

Then the shutters covering the walls open – revealing that there are no walls: the house is now completely open, and a warm light spreads everywhere.






No Religion (2019)

Duration: 3’10”


In this animated clip the artist uses a picture of the statue Christ the Redeemer, overlooking the city Rio de Janeiro.

A much smaller scale model of the original is put under a bridge and is surrounded by a set of shutters. As the shutters slowly close, the historically religious figure of Christ transforms into a symbolic cross.

The title No Religion is ambiguous. On the graffiti wall we can read the word ‘blood’. In the name of religion many victims died and die, which caused people to denounce religious fanaticism. They turn away from religion: the shutters close, but immediately a new religious symbol appears.


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Buddha on Speed (2019)

Duration: 2’05”


We see a pole with a box on top by a busy road. In Belgium these poles are immediately identified as speed traps: drivers reduce speed as soon as they see them.

In this speed trap there is no camera, but a Buddha. Whenever a car goes by, the shutters on the box close. So Buddha doesn’t show himself to the world. Maybe he should, as the example of supreme consciousness that he is.

Does Buddha use the box with shutters as an aid to remain concentrated? Does he seclude himself in order to criticize our hectic society?


Available as NFT on OpenSea.