Every Movement Creates a Shape

In 2018 V2 Lab for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam invited artists to send in project proposals. The assignment was: find works in our archives that can be improved with the technology of today and/or of which a new, original version can be made.

I discovered the artwork ‘Sculptures’ by Tàmas Waliczky (1997). It clearly shows parallels with my earlier works.

The parallels I saw in Waliczky’s work are in, amongst others:



Four research results


Every Movement Creates a Shape No.4 Spinning Top


Duration: 40”


An animated interpretation of the three-dimensional work ‘Spinning Tops’ (2002).





Every Movement Creates a Shape No.3


Duration: 41”


I make a movement from a sitting to a standing position. The first shot shows the shape of my movement but it gets smaller. In the second part the whole movement (and therefore the shape) is unchanged.





Every Movement Creates a Shape No.2


Duration: 30”


A virtual character makes a movement the second half of which crystallizes. The camera moves around the shape to show it completely.





Every Movement Creates a Shape No.1


Duration: 17”


A ball moves from left to right. Each of its movements in space and time is transformed into a crystal form. Walicsky called his ‘frozen movements’ ‘time crystals’, hence the material chosen: glass.