Melting Targets 3


Exhibition view
Duration: 1’20”



Melting Targets 3 is an improved version of the works Melting Targets 1 and 2, in which a metal mould with frozen targets was placed on a canvas. In this third version a contraption of metal rods is put up over the canvas. The frozen targets are connected to the rods and the whole construction turns around its axis.

The improvement lies in the fact that the melting and turning ice targets drip and transform to a new, big target that gradually grows on the canvas underneath.

The installation holds several possibilities for variation: the viscosity of the paint can change, or the gradient of the canvas, the order in which the melting process happens and the distance between the melting targets and the canvas.

The content here is ‘man and their targets and aspirations’: whether one achieves one’s goals or not, one always leaves traces behind. More directly there is a link with climate strategies and targets: attempts are made worldwide, but the ice on the poles and glaciers disappears at an alarming speed. From an art-historical point of view this work refers to the Target Paintings by Jasper Johns.




Impression transformation icetarget to target on canvas from Melting Target 3.2
Duration: 40″



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