Racer Malevich

Project under development.

As the title indicates, for this series of paintings Niko Hendrickx was inspired by Kasimir Malevich (1878-1935). His choice of Malevich shows his unlimited respect for the artist’s oeuvre. Hendrickx also finds himself somehow related to the Russian by the element ‘gradients’ in Malevich’s work, e.g. in ‘The Woodcutter’ (ca. 1912). It is a technique he himself has applied occasionally in the series ‘Painting in Difference’.

The first three paintings were entitled ’Release the Accelerator’. Malevich loathed machines and factories, and glorified peasant life. In the same way we see Racer Malevich literally free himself from his speeding race machine by releasing his whole body in the middle of a road.

‘Racer Malevich’ continues on foot and finds himself in a different setting again and again.